Proper Posture for you


Sitting in front of your computer may cause your posture look stiffer and you will look sullen too. There is a tendency that you feel your neck and back tired until your whole body gets too tired. When this occurs, sit up with your shoulders back and put a natural bend at the back of your spine. This will assist your body straight for you to look a little taller. You can also wear nice clothes that will complement your mass and shape. Wear pieces that will make you stand out. Wear wood watches, or other classy pieces so you will look beautiful and stunning. Pair this with some high heels, pair of nice trench coat, or even boots,  and lots of confidence.

You can also try to  walk  or run in an outdoor area and enjoy being under the sun. The best time to do this is in the morning when the sun is not yet bright. Indulging yourself under the sun will absorb vitamin D that helps your bones stronger and longer to make your height increased.


Compassion and protection in one

Gifts for Cancer Patients can be tough, but they can be great. Sometimes it is a little bit of an extraction, but I do think that it is a theory that really holds up and can really benefit people as well, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with believing in the fact you can give someone an item that not only enhances their understanding and sensation of compassion, tranquility and protection, but actually exudes this energy into their fields at or their Aura so that they are literally receiving more compassion, giving more compassion receiving more protection, feeling more protected, and having the opportunity to be tranquil, and feel actual piece and a break from the turmoil of their medical struggle.  You may be able to tell that I’m quite passionate about this, I don’t try to hide it, in fact it’s something I’m very proud of, and it’s something that I constantly try to put into the world without any shame or fear of judgement, I do know that some people are going to think that is a bit odd and whack that I to believe in putting these things into the world in the way that I do, but I think the risk of that does not outweigh the reward of creating brighter awareness of the conscious gifts that we can give the people who are most vulnerable, and the people that need the most, I know that this is the case, and I know that we can help people, and I know that we can provide these amazing gifts for people that we didn’t use and my main stepping-stone to gaining this knowledge?


Big help for students

I have to say, that is not the fact that this is a student discount which has made everything more valuable that used to exist even when they started adding a Netflix style streaming service, as well cloud storage, on top of the fact that they are the on the internet, I could no longer deny the extreme value that having an Amazon Prime subscription was adding to my life. Honestly, it is just that cut and dry. So, if I were going to preface my Amazon Prime Canada review with anything, it would be the fact that if you have made a prior judgement about Amazon Prime based on your experiences with its service over a year ago, or any time the last couple years until the last six months or so, I would ask you to give it another shot and reevaluate it, because it has come a long way. Amazon Prime is such a diverse tool, and it can add so much efficiency to your life and all sorts of different ways. I mean all sorts of different ways. It’s not even funny. The fact that, I live in Vancouver, which is a city where it is hard to get anywhere, the fact that Amazon Prime allows me to order things to my house, all sorts of things, from groceries, to electronics, II entertainment. It’s amazing! I really can’t explain it any other way except for the fact that Amazon Prime has made my life so much easier and done all sorts of great things for me. I don’t know what else to say.

Family Matters


Wherever you go, whoever people you meet along the way, it will hit you that family is where your home is. I realized this when I was living abroad to study for 12 months. I missed home and so I spend each rest day outside my apartment trying to kill my boredom and homesickness.

When i get back home, I realized that being home, and being with my family is the best thing ever. Truly, despite the fact that I have learned a lot during my stay outside the county, and met a lot of people and went to different places, my home is still the best place for me.


Outdoor gears perfect as gifts


My husband is a good man, and he’s a simple man.He does not need anything that is overly luxurious, and his hobbies are very concentrated and basic. He loves to spend time Outdoors, so when his birthday comes up I’m always looking to buy him some kind of outdoor camping equipment that will make his time out in the wild even more enjoyable.

Last year, for instance, I was reading up on the Survival Cooking website, which has all sorts of reviews and product descriptions about different camping supplies, and I was able to choose the best cooler on the market for him with this information. He was absolutely thrilled to get this cooler from me, and he was so surprised that I knew what the best friend was.

Yes, I bought him a Yeti cooler which all of his friends are jealous about, and ends up being the cooler that gets chosen when they only get to take one to some type of event, which obviously makes me feel very special.

I know that it might seem trivial, but when that kind of thing happens and you have that kind of his success was something that you have been worrying about, it is kind of a beautiful feeling, don’t you know what I mean? It is so nice that your efforts go rewarded and recognize, and you end up feeling like a success. This time, I’m thinking of taking a completely different route. I’ve been looking at the best watches under 500, because I know that he doesn’t have a nice watch, and I think that he would like one for special occasions.  A nice watch is never something that you would buy for himself, which is why I think I should buy it for him. What do you think?


I Love Unu Motors

Ever had something which you truly love? Do you have one product that you absolutely adores and you definitely gain a lot of benefits from it? For some people, it can be household item, others many have it in the form of clothes or any fashion must have.

But as for me, I definitely love Unu Motors’ elektrische scooter. If you have not heard about this before, Unu Motors is one of the leading electric scooter companies in Europe. It is based in The Netherlands.

I purchased my Unu Motor last year and since then, I never left it at home. It makes me the go-getter person I am. Many know that I am an outgoing person and I love hanging out with my friends in the city. Having Unu Motors’ electric scooter makes it easy for me to go from one place to another without thinking of the hassle of hailing a taxi cab. I absolutely love it that I even endorse it to some of my friends because they saw how happy I was with riding my very own electric scooter.

I hope many people can also see the benefits of it. As for me, I will continue driving it because it really makes my city life comfortable and hassle free.

Relieve Stress with this relaxing music compilation

Do you ever feel the day when you are just so stress in life? If you do not want to go out and try things to kill your stress or boredom, try lighting a candle in your room, have a nice bath and play this music. It is so stress relieving. This is what I always play when I need some relaxing music. Listen here:

Quick Ways to Rejuvenate from Stress

I am a working girl so I know the stresses of being in the cubicle for almost eight hours a day.

When we are at the desk all day round, our body tends to ache and our sedentary lifestyle might even affect our health.

But don’t you fret! I listed down some of the quick ways to fight off stress from work and how you can get back up again despite tons of workloads and deadlines in between.

Stand up and go to the pantry

This is a small way of exercise. Stand up from your desk, get water every hour or make coffee or tea during break time. If you are working at home, it is also better to go out once in a while. As for me, I usually go out of my  Coal Harbour condo once every day to just feel the fresh air outside.

Stretch your body

You can make some exercise even when you are in your cubicle. Check out video tutorials about this. You can also subscribe to websites and exclusive exercises available in the internet (with minimal feel requirement) just check out how they accept credit cards so you need not to go to the bank to pay them.

Smile and talk to someone

During break time, we are allowed to go out and have snack in a nearby coffee shop or just talk to a co-worker and catch-up. Try giving yourself a time for a break and make use of that opportunity to divert yourself to work.

My Three Ways To Be Happy

In our fast-paced life style today, almost everyone is so engrossed in social media that he or she neglect his or her true and genuine happiness. I want to make the world a happier place by sharing, through this simple site of mine, how one can stay happy and optimistic, despite the difficulty and challenges life throws at us.

Here’s my top three list:

  1. Look at the brighter side

Dismiss all the negative thoughts. Do not be a pessimistic and instead, look at the positive side of life. When life throws you a trial, think of it as a way to make you tough. If possible, do not engage with people are living in hatred and negativity.

2. Do not neglect you body

Sleep at least 8 hours a day. A study reports that a person who has a good sleep is happier and is more productive than the one who lacks sleep. Eat on time. Drink plenty of water and have exercise. Go out when the sun is out!

3. Surround yourself with good people

There is none other way to be happy than to spend time with people who are dear to you. Also, spend time with friends who uplift you and not those who try to bring you down.