Why Confuse Your Web Site Visitors?

I have been designing Web sites for more than 10 years now, and I pride myself on keeping my sites simple and straightforward to navigate.

All too often when I go to a Web site, I find the experience disappointing and not a little frustrating. Visitors to Web sites want to get around them quickly and easily. That means clicking on links that take them directly to the pages that provide the salient information, the probable reason for visiting the sites in the first place.

Give somebody a site that leads to total confusion and there’s more than a sporting chance that they will not venture to that site again; indeed, you may also force them to move swiftly away from such a site in favour of visiting your competitors, in the hope that they will have a simpler site to click around.

Only the webmasters of such confusing sites know the real reasons behind wanting to flummox their visitors; personally speaking, I feel that it is committing online suicide by unnecessarily over-complicating your sites.

From what my friends from best digital marketing agencies, I can tell from my daily statistics that visitors to my websites do tend to remain at the site for quite a considerable time, as they know that when they click on a link they will arrive at the page containing the information they require. The same statistics show that those visitors will click on many of the other links and read page content that they hadn’t thought to do before visiting my sites, such is the ease of access.

One of the worst practices I’ve seen on a website is where, after having clicked on a link, I was taken to a third-party advertisement en route to the page containing the information I sought. How irritatingly annoying that was, and I thoroughly hated the experience.

Another big black mark against web design is the pop-up ad. How intrusive! Many people, I am sure, count pop-up ads as a totally unnecessary hurdle that completely slows down their whole surfing experience. If you must have ads on your website, stick to static banner or box ads. Visitors will be more appreciative of them and will not be immediately distracted away to your competitors’ sites.

Then there’s the links that are placed in new windows. Why?! In a lot of instances, the new windows are treated as pop-ups by the latest browsers that have pop-up blockers installed, so if web designers are using new windows for each of their links then they really are saying to their visitors “we’ve got this great page, but we don’t mind if you don’t see it because we’ve treated it as a pop-up.” Don’t mislead the surfing public into thinking your linked pages are pop-up ads. It’s really not beneficial to anyone.

And, while we’re still on the subject of links, you should make sure that all your links lead to a destination and not to an error page. Arriving at such an error page is called deadlinking and is yet another self-imploding problem that your website can best do without.

As I’m now nearing the end of this article, I recommend that if you are new to web design, or even if you are a seasoned professional, that you strongly consider the KISS principal – Keep It Sweetly Simple (less offensive than Keep It Simple Stupid!). Following this advice will pay you huge dividends, especially if you are selling things on your site.

Try it and see. Then thank me sometime.

How to Get Paid More for Your Associated Content Articles

If you have published more than one thing on associatedcontent.com, you may notice that the pricing is a little weird. For example, a memoir I poured a lot into and gave exclusive rights to paid me $5. Five dollars is still a lot, but I felt like my story was worth a little bit more. Later, I had written a Byline article that was first published on my blog and even on gather.com. I expected a few dollars for it because it was non-exclusive and it was a pretty easy article to write. Instead, I received $8 for it! So what is it that makes some articles higher paying and other not worth that much payment?

Originality: As I compare my two articles, I realize that several people have published their memoirs. Not much makes mine stand out besides it being an inspiring story of how I got my black belt. However, when I searched for bylines, I see that my article is right on top. There are a few other articles on bylines, but they are not as directed as mine. The editors probably offered me more money for this article because it was the only one on their site. You can test your article’s originality by going to the ac library. Type in “Britney Spears.” You get a lot of articles on her. Then you can type in “cleaning your vacuum.” No results. Originality is a good thing to have when writing your articles, but it is not always the best in getting higher payment.

Keywords: As I said in the paragraph above, originality is a great thing. However, say you did write an article about cleaning your vacuum. How many people around the world are going to google or search for it. My guess is not very many. Keywords are a word used in your article a couple of times. They are great to increase your traffic flow to your site. Since they increase traffic flow to your site, they also increase traffic flow to all of associatedcontent.com. If the editors see that your article has the potential to attract visitors from search engines, then your article price will be raised. Go ahead and try to google a simple phrase like, “byline for payment.” You might notice that my articles some up first.

Title: With a title, you want to be creative, but you also want it to sound like something you would type in to a search engine. My memoir was titled, “More Than Fabric.” A very creative title for my memoir explaining how my black belt was more than a strip of fabric. Let’s face it though, who in the world would type that into a search engine. Keep your main headline specific such as, “How to Potty Train” or “Where to Find Wedding Singers.” Use the second headline to add your creative edge in there. So it would look a little something like this, “How to Potty Train: Four Potty Training Ideas That Aren’t Poop.”

Pictures: Pictures are a great way to illustrate your associatedcontent.com article. It is also a very easy thing to do. Most people will not click on an article that does not have pictures. The human race as a whole is stimulated visually. While scrolling the eyes catch interesting pictures, but usually not just headlines. As i was scrolling into a nice hospitality jobs london website, I can’t help but be in awe with their use of photos which are really engaging and appealing.

A great place to find free to use photography is http://www.sxc.hu. All you have to do is save it to your computer and upload it to your article.

Clout Index: I hate writing about clout index because if you go to my content page, you will see I have none. I have heard others say that the higher the clout number the higher you get paid. This may be true because obviously if you have a lot of visitors, ac is making money off of you and are willing to pay you more. I think I am doing very well with making money off of my articles and only have a clout of 1. I would rather spend my time writing articles then advertising my articles and posting on the boards to get a higher clout. I would just drive myself crazy that way.

Special Offers: Every once in a while, an AC editor will send out a message offering a writing promotion. All you have to do is send in the articles they want and if they get accepted, you will usually be paid a set amount of money. I wrote gift ideas last month for a special offer and received $10 for each article. So, it is worth it.

I hope you find these six steps helpful. They are actually really easy to do. Even though through changing your title and adding keywords, you may feel like you are “selling out” your writing. Just realize that sometimes for money, you have to pull back a little bit of creativity and push business.

Goodbyes are the saddest

It was another family gathering in my grandparent’s house. My cousins wandered in and out, asking me to play with them, testing the degree of my shyness in front of the oldies–my uncles and aunts, though they never won.

I was trying my way to my parents who were busy accommodating the people coming in and out so to escape from them but here you go an avalanche of unfamiliar faces that I was compelled to kiss hands. I never saw this house so full of crowd.

I felt a little bit queasy. I asked Mama when we would go home and to my dismay, she told me that we could come home after three days. It was really suffocating and yet I need to endure.

If I’m not mistaken, I was on my fifth grade then. My three other siblings were as well excused on their classes for this event. Yes, an event that eventually brought a lot of thinking, especially to me. Right now, I am pursuing a career in hosting ranking and it really pays wel.. But despite this, I miss her dearly.

I and my sister were sitting on a couch with other people whom Papa told us were our relatives. They all had vague faces as my memory couldn’t serve me well. But there was one person who I couldn’t help but observe at that moment–my grandma.


The bond will still be there, inevitably.

She was busy chopping pork and ingredients in the kitchen, doing the all time favorite viand of her grandchildren–the dinuguan. I never trace any marks of sadness in her eyes which I suppose I was demanding to see at that time. She even jauntily cooked all the recipes laid down in the kitchen without silence. She laughed, sang and made joke to us. She was so happy to serve us, to see us happy all together. And as a kid, I was so confused. Why they were all reveling despite the doom background we have?


The whole clan went to the place where we need to mourn–that what I thought then. Everyone suddenly was silent upon entering the white room with yellow lights scattered on.

There was a rectangular box at the center (the way I described it at that time) with its lid open for viewing. I want to rush on the area, hoping to see grandpa smile on me. But of course, I enough understood then that it won’t happen.


If only I can turn back the hands of time, I will.

I immediately decided not to look at him first, letting others peek on that box. I told myself that I want to have time to talk to him. My eyes were instead glued to the big picture of him that stood on the glass cover of his casket.

Grandpa really looked so handsome there. He looks like Papa but more of a matinee idol of his time though it was sort of a grayish look already.

That moment made me want to shrink. How come I didn’t have the time to play with Lolo unlike my eldest brother who is one of his favorite among us? I remember myself envying the first batch of my cousins because they were all close to him. They used to tell stories like how Lolo will drop on their rooms late at night just to bring his pasalubong to them after his work.

I felt quite betray. But what can I do? I was late born that’s why I wasn’t able to enjoy being with grandpa in his early life. I was only eight then when I first met him and he was already weak. And because of our distance, we only rarely see each other most of the time during holidays and reunions. And two years after that of my age, he was bedridden. He looked so feeble, unable to utter even a word. What really crashed my heart then was when he hugged my youngest brother (he was six then and the youngest grandson he had) with tears flowing in his crumpled cheeks. That really made me realize how happy Lolo was, seeing his last grandson for the very last time of his life.

Caffeine: Perks and Pitfalls

Last month, I visited the original Starbucks coffee shop at Pike PlaceMarket in Seattle. I was so frustrated when I was there because I badly need a new NAS and my sister just told me to just go and have a nas server test. Anyway, after which, I took a car I borrowed from my sister. She even asked me to make use of her new dashcam, which she has tested for dascam testr and said I should review it after. Anyway, on to my tale to the Market, the Starbuck coffee shop was established in 1971 and arguably the birthplace of the global coffee industry as we know it today, it is now a tourist attraction easily identified by the long line winding its way outside the entrance.

Ironically, the espresso and all its variants (see below) actually originated in Italy, half a world away from Seattle.  Coffee is prepared in many ways, and perhaps the most popular is the espresso, which also forms the base for many other popular beverages. An espresso is a shot of concentrated coffee made by quickly passing hot water through ground coffee beans under intense, high pressure. A ristretto is prepared in a similar manner, but with slightly less water; alungo(long shot), on the other hand, has slightly more water. An americano is a shot of espresso diluted with hot water. A shot of espresso mixed with steamed and foamed milk (instead of water) is a cappuccino, so named because it resembles the color of the robes of Capuchin monks. A café latte is a creamier version that uses more steamed milk and less foam.Café mocha is espresso and steamed milk, with added chocolate.A machiattois a shot of espresso mixed with a small amount of foamed milk and often flavored with either caramel or chocolate.

Other methods of brewing coffee include the French press (a devicewhere coffee grounds are immersed in hot water and later filtered out using a plunger), and the traditional ‘drip’ coffee maker. There is an optimum ‘grind’ for each method or preparation above: fine for espresso, coarse for the French press and medium grind for drip coffee machines.


Loneliness is not good for your health.  As award-winning actress Audrey Hepburn once pointed out: “When you have nobody you can make a cup of tea for, when nobody needs you, that’s when I think life is over.”


If too much love can kill you, so goes a line of a song, so it loneliness.  In fact, a recent study compared loneliness to that of obesity. “The research, presented at the American Psychological Association, proved that loneliness and isolation have now been considered as a public health concern as they have caused a number of premature deaths in 300,000 participants of 148 studies,” the article said.


For the information of uninformed, loneliness in the said study pertains not only in the state of being single but also social isolation and living alone.  Virginia Woolf, in “The Waves,” gave us some insight: “Alone, I often fall down into nothingness.  I must push my foot stealthily lest I should fall off the edge of the world into nothingness.  I have to bang my head against some hard door to call myself back to the body.”


According to the study, those who had greater social connections were recorded to have 50% reduced risk of dying, where death caused by obesity only at 30%.  About 70 studies were done; some 3.4 million people in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia participated in the study.  Results echoed the same findings. For me, you should cope up with loneliness. Take control of your self and make things better. Create something. kNow what makes your heart skip a beat. Cultivate your passion and share it. As for me,  I share my knowledge on technology to peple I know and those who need it. Like last weekend, i helped a friend know access point test and it helped him.


Obesity, by the way, means having too much body fat.  It is different from being overweight, which means weighing too much.  The weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water.  Both terms mean that a person’s weight is greater than what’s considered healthy for his or her height.


Now, going back to the study of loneliness.  Principal author Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad of Brigham Young University said “self-reported feeling of loneliness (subjective) and the state of being socially isolated (objective) potentially damaging.” “People who say they are alone but feel happy are at increased risk of death, as are those who have many social connections but they say they are lonely,” Dr. Holt-Lunstad was quoted as saying.


Party need

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Going places

Going places do not just mean setting your foot in a new place, taking pictures here and there using your 360 kamera, and just see the sights. I honestly suggest you get the best 360 camera to capture only the best.

Wandering goes deeper than that. It aims to inform you about how it is to be exactly there, like a local. To immerse in the culture, to learn more about the history that carved what it is today, to speak the language they use, to eat the dishes that might be new to you, and to know more about the people.

A big part of learning about a place is through its art. This form transcends many meanings depending on who is looking into it.  In most cases, it leaves every traveller yearning for more. It sticks in the memory. Sometimes even, it became deeply rooted in out hearts.

The importance of being stylish

We should all know the importance of beign stylish where  we go. Before, when I have not realized this thing, I lost a lot of opportunities. Not that I am saying you need not to be  ugly. But be more presentable with yourself when in front of other so you can gain their interest and confidence. As a working woman who meets clients regulary, it is proper to dress up once in a while, be stylish, have your own trademark of dressing up, and be hygienic. I recommend you also wear heels to boost confidence during client presentation and to win the pitch as well as carry yourself with confidence. Also put extra effort in buying and investing on things for you. Let us say for example timepieces. It is not only important to have timepieces to keep track of the time but it is also a nice way to impress. I recommend you buy Zegarki best wooden watches —which is a little more classy and stylish than ordinary plastic ones. Besides, it will look good in every outfits you will wear so you can shift from work to your regular night out with friends.

Firmer, better skin

A good Vitamin C serum like this one could absolutely change your life for the better– it WILL, as a matter of fact. Having a good amount of confidence about the way you look is actually extremely important in life, I have learned that, and I don’t think that it’s actually a shallow thing whatsoever. Honestly, if people would have told people in previous generations that there’s a way to have firmer skin as you get older, for your skin to still shine with this sort of radiant brightness, and for anybody who suffers from dry skin, to have your skin moisturize and hydrated, and just to have all sorts of healthy tone and color boo bursting through your skin and showing how a live you are and how great you feel, it would be something that anybody in any generation would have decided to have, even if they weren’t completely open about the fact that they were using it.