Family Matters


Wherever you go, whoever people you meet along the way, it will hit you that family is where your home is. I realized this when I was living abroad to study for 12 months. I missed home and so I spend each rest day outside my apartment trying to kill my boredom and homesickness.

When i get back home, I realized that being home, and being with my family is the best thing ever. Truly, despite the fact that I have learned a lot during my stay outside the county, and met a lot of people and went to different places, my home is still the best place for me.


Relieve Stress with this relaxing music compilation

Do you ever feel the day when you are just so stress in life? If you do not want to go out and try things to kill your stress or boredom, try lighting a candle in your room, have a nice bath and play this music. It is so stress relieving. This is what I always play when I need some relaxing music. Listen here: