Quick Ways to Rejuvenate from Stress

I am a working girl so I know the stresses of being in the cubicle for almost eight hours a day.

When we are at the desk all day round, our body tends to ache and our sedentary lifestyle might even affect our health.

But don’t you fret! I listed down some of the quick ways to fight off stress from work and how you can get back up again despite tons of workloads and deadlines in between.

Stand up and go to the pantry

This is a small way of exercise. Stand up from your desk, get water every hour or make coffee or tea during break time. If you are working at home, it is also better to go out once in a while. As for me, I usually go out of my  Coal Harbour condo once every day to just feel the fresh air outside.

Stretch your body

You can make some exercise even when you are in your cubicle. Check out video tutorials about this. You can also subscribe to websites and exclusive exercises available in the internet (with minimal feel requirement) just check out how they accept credit cards so you need not to go to the bank to pay them.

Smile and talk to someone

During break time, we are allowed to go out and have snack in a nearby coffee shop or just talk to a co-worker and catch-up. Try giving yourself a time for a break and make use of that opportunity to divert yourself to work.