International Backpacking: Keeping Your Body and Clothes Fresh


When backpacking – true backpacking – showers will not always be available. Depending on your location, showers may never be available. Some nights are spent sleeping in alley corner or on a train station floor because no cheap room could be found for the night (or you’re just to tired to care).

No matter the reason, some times you will just feel dirty. This can make an experience miserable. It is uncomfortable, and exhausting. It makes you self-conscious and worried about being around others. You begin to feel jittery and anxious.

Staying fresh while backpacking overseas is a necessity, not only for everyone around you, but for your own sanity. Use these tips to stay fresh and to feel rejuvenated when backpacking through different countries.

1: Rubbing Alcohol. This is an indispensable commodity, especially when traveling through poor, often dirty locations. A large bottle of it is ideal, but if customs does not allow it, a large pack of alcohol wipes will work.

Not only can rubbing alcohol be used to clean items of dubious sanitation, but it can also be used to make yourself feel clean and cool rather quickly. If you are dirty, sweaty, or uncomfortable and have no access to a sink and some soap, bring out the rubbing alcohol. Pour it on a rag and begin wiping your body with it. The scent will disappear almost immediately, along with any other scents you may be carrying. You will feel cooler and definitely feel cleaner.

2: Dryer sheets. Bring dryer sheets and use them. Keep your clean clothes in baggies and wrap a dryer sheet in each one. Get one in When you put on a clean smelling shirt, even if you happened to wear it to bed, you will feel instantly better, and you will smell better to the people around you. Keep all of your clothes sealed with a dryer sheet, to prevent other smells from absorbing into the clean clothes.

3: Cool clothes. If you are staying in a hot, dusty, and/or dry location, the odds are you are sweaty and uncomfortable. You probably feel zapped of strength and dirty. One of the best ways to feel rejuvenated is to put on a cold shirt and shorts and pair of socks.

Bring a couple of ice packs with you, both reusable and disposable. When you get to a hostel or hotel, stick them in the freezer so you have them when you leave.

Put an ice pack in a small baggy and wrap a shirt around it. When the shirt is cool, put it on. If you are in a hotel room or somewhere your clothes won’t get stolen, place them in the freezer. Make sure they smell good so you feel really fresh. Let them get cold, and then put them on. You’ll feel great.

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