How to Design and Hang a Pretty Bathroom Shower Curtain


A how-to guide for creating a pretty and useful shower curtain starts with the materials you will need. Try finding everything at a discount or dollar store for an even more satisfying design.
Buy a curtain rod in the chosen color scheme hanging it at the right height for your ceiling to floor coverage.

Next, you will need two shower curtains.
The main one, for example, could be clear plastic. This is good for small bathrooms, making it seem lighter and brighter.

The decorative element is with the second shower curtain. It should be in a color to match the shower curtain rod. At the dollar stores a lot of them come with matching shower curtain rings which could match the curtain rod.

After hanging the clear plastic shower curtain on all twelve hooks, fold the decorative curtain into thirds and hang it on the middle four shower curtain hooks on the outside of the main curtain. It will hang down the center front of the clear curtain creating some privacy and a pretty, restful place for the eye.

An attractive example is of a clear shower curtain on a navy blue rod with navy blue hooks and a blue and white striped decorative curtain folded in the front. With a white painted bathroom and seashore style decorations and prints, this look is traditionally nice. White towels with blue trim would make a nice finishing touch as would blue and white soaps in a pretty dish. Yellow is a good accent color for blue and white decor too. A yellow candle in a clear glass holder would be a nice touch.

This project is easy to do and very cost effective. Specially for those of us who get bored quickly and like to change the look of a room frequently. My current shower curtain design cost less than $15.00 and that includes the rod, two shower curtains and matching hooks.

Also, on an environmentally green note, you can recycle the shower curtains and use them as drop cloths for painting or for beneath bird cages to catch seeds.
They can also be used as tarps to protect home maintainance tools and mowers or boats from the elements. Albeit very pretty tarps that will brighten your environment on the outside too.

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