Beach Sand and Gardening Toys from Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs


That ubiquitous plastic milk jug: instead of landfill fodder, why not recycle into sand toys for the beach and gardening tools? Make a set of eight tools. Perfect for Earth Day, preschool, school, scout troop, 4H group, camp and day care. Perfect small hands and young gardeners. Reuse or recycle. You will need:
-two clean plastic milk jugs per child
-permanent marker
-scissors (children’s Fiskars scissors work great)

To make a gardening bucket, plant starter, sand pail, strainer or sifter:

-Draw a line around the base of the milk jug, about three inches from the bottom.
-Poke a hole in the line with sharp scissors
-Cut along the line.
-You have a sand pail or gardening bucket or plant starter. For a sifter or strainer, poke holes in the bottom.

With the remainder of the jug:

-Draw a circle around the top about two inches down from the mouth.
-Poke a hole.
-Cut around the circle.
You have a funnel or sand castle mold.

With the leftover piece, you can make a trowel or shovel:

Make a trowel:

-Draw along the indentation on the jug where the handle is.
-Snip the lower end of the handle to separate it form the jug.
-Poke a hole on the line.
-Cut around the line.
-Trim the top part above the upper end of the handle to a v-shaped point. You will have a flat surface with a handle to smooth out surfaces and a corner surface for edging. This tool makes an great hoe for a small garden or potted plant. If you cut it with a zigzag edge it can be used as a garden rake.

Make a shovel:

-Draw a circle around the part where the lower end of the handle attaches to the jug, about an inch or so from the handle.
-Snip the top end off from the jug.
-Cut along the circle you’ve drawn.

For more green, recycle bin crafts, visit my linked blogs. And of, I’ll be having a workshop at Teddy Kids Kinderopvang so see you there!

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