Looking for Portable and High Quality iPod Speakers? Discover the Logic3 I Station

When it comes to a speaker system for your iPod or other MP3 player you may want to consider the Logic3 i Station. This portable speaker unit is very compact and works well with the iPod especially where travel is concerned. It has immersive sound too. The Logic3 i Station is designed for travel and is just right in the home, work place or vehicle. It’s not only a good fit for iPods either. While Apple’s hardware is the main thing the designers had in mind, there is an included auxiliary input and minijack cable. Using these two items together you can hook up MP3 devices that use the minijack. That opens up a lot more options for you than the speaker systems which were made solely for Apple. Plenty of thought was given, however, to the compatibility with all of the various iPod models. The universal dock will fit all dockable iPods.
A very basic case is included to help with travel. The Logic3 i Station is powered by four AA batteries or the included AC adapter. The remote control is a bonus. You would be hard-pressed to find an MP3 player speaker station in a comparable price range that would include one. It’s also helpful that the station recharges and powers your iPod simultaneously while letting you listen to your music. Another feature of added convenience is that you can switch music in and out between your MP3 player and PC while keeping it hooked into the speaker station. The cable needed for this function comes with the Logic3 i Station.

The two 1.25 inch tweeters are really impressive because often you’ll find one tweeter of this same size as part of a much larger stand-alone home stereo speaker. Seriously, just look into it if you don’t believe me. Here you get a set of two of these in a tight compact system to easily carry around with your iPod. It’s a pretty good deal honestly. In case you don’t already know, the tweeters give crystal-clear sound quality to higher frequency parts of your music. Then there’s the subwoofer. The two and a half inch subwoofer provides plenty of quality bass and low frequency support.

The portable Logic3 i Station even has a built in 3D surround processor. You really get your money’s worth with this speaker set. The station boosts the overall experience of the iPod or MP3 player. It wouldn’t be easy (if possible at all) to find another set of speakers this compact and with this much sound quality for your portable music player. The Logic3 i Station is at the top of its game, especially for the price range it competes with.

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