How to Spot a Drug Addict


Many people would believe that spotting a drug addict would be an easy thing but it most cases it’s quite the opposite. A lot of addicts have a way of hiding what is really going on with them. There are a lot of things to look out for and since there are so many things that a person can become addicted to, the symptoms and behaviors of an addict can vary from person to person.
The most obvious inclinations that you are in the presence of a drug addict are usually physical indicators. One important physical indicator to note is if this person you suspect of being an addict has an increase or decrease in energy. Since fluctuations in energy can be related to other circumstances such as stress, a drug addict would more than likely have a substantial change in their energy.

Watching the way somebody speaks can also be used as an indicator. Certain types of drugs can cause speech to change from normal to slowed or slurred. On the other hand, in the case of stimulant abuse, speech and movement could be increased. The person could be talking faster and moving faster than normal. Any variations in the speed of speech and movement could be related to drugs.

Another important physical indicator of drug addiction is a large increase or decrease in weight. Most stimulants cause the majority of people who abuse them weight loss but the effects can be adverse on certain individuals. Any large fluctuation in weight could be related to drugs so it’s an important thing to keep an eye on.

Changes in sleep habits can also sometimes be linked to drug abuse. Insomnia as well as heavy, long sleeping can indicate a drug problem. A drug addicts sleep patterns, most of the time, will be very different from the sleep patterns of a non-drug-abuser.

The mental signs of a drug addict, though not as obvious most of the time, can be a way to spot a drug addict, especially if you have known the person for a while. Mood swings can be a indicator drug abuse. For example, the way the person would normally react to a situation that may be unfavorable would be substantially more intense if they were on drugs. They would be more likely to have periods of extreme happiness that drastically changes to agitation and moodiness. Depression is also an indicator but especially if they had issues with depression prior to their change in mood. Most of the time, drugs are to blame.

Since there are so many different types of drugs that cause many different occurrences, here is a list of some other things to look out for.
– excessive marks on their face
– large pupils can be an indicator of stimulants and many other drugs.
– change in interests
-sudden change in friends or people they hang out with
– various changes in stories they have told you about where they are going
-excessive bruising on the body
– extreme highs and lows in mood

All of these behaviors and physical symptoms that have been listed can be directly related to a drug problem. If you know somebody who is experiencing any of these changes, keep your eyes open and be there for them. There are many centers that are available to treat drug addiction and the only thing you can do is try to offer this person help. I hope this information was helpful and remember these changes can also be related to other things such as stress or changes in lifestyle. However, it is important to keep a look out for addicts, especially in the people who are close to us.

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