How to Get Paid More for Your Associated Content Articles

If you have published more than one thing on, you may notice that the pricing is a little weird. For example, a memoir I poured a lot into and gave exclusive rights to paid me $5. Five dollars is still a lot, but I felt like my story was worth a little bit more. Later, I had written a Byline article that was first published on my blog and even on I expected a few dollars for it because it was non-exclusive and it was a pretty easy article to write. Instead, I received $8 for it! So what is it that makes some articles higher paying and other not worth that much payment?

Originality: As I compare my two articles, I realize that several people have published their memoirs. Not much makes mine stand out besides it being an inspiring story of how I got my black belt. However, when I searched for bylines, I see that my article is right on top. There are a few other articles on bylines, but they are not as directed as mine. The editors probably offered me more money for this article because it was the only one on their site. You can test your article’s originality by going to the ac library. Type in “Britney Spears.” You get a lot of articles on her. Then you can type in “cleaning your vacuum.” No results. Originality is a good thing to have when writing your articles, but it is not always the best in getting higher payment.

Keywords: As I said in the paragraph above, originality is a great thing. However, say you did write an article about cleaning your vacuum. How many people around the world are going to google or search for it. My guess is not very many. Keywords are a word used in your article a couple of times. They are great to increase your traffic flow to your site. Since they increase traffic flow to your site, they also increase traffic flow to all of If the editors see that your article has the potential to attract visitors from search engines, then your article price will be raised. Go ahead and try to google a simple phrase like, “byline for payment.” You might notice that my articles some up first.

Title: With a title, you want to be creative, but you also want it to sound like something you would type in to a search engine. My memoir was titled, “More Than Fabric.” A very creative title for my memoir explaining how my black belt was more than a strip of fabric. Let’s face it though, who in the world would type that into a search engine. Keep your main headline specific such as, “How to Potty Train” or “Where to Find Wedding Singers.” Use the second headline to add your creative edge in there. So it would look a little something like this, “How to Potty Train: Four Potty Training Ideas That Aren’t Poop.”

Pictures: Pictures are a great way to illustrate your article. It is also a very easy thing to do. Most people will not click on an article that does not have pictures. The human race as a whole is stimulated visually. While scrolling the eyes catch interesting pictures, but usually not just headlines. As i was scrolling into a niceĀ hospitality jobs londonĀ website, I can’t help but be in awe with their use of photos which are really engaging and appealing.

A great place to find free to use photography is All you have to do is save it to your computer and upload it to your article.

Clout Index: I hate writing about clout index because if you go to my content page, you will see I have none. I have heard others say that the higher the clout number the higher you get paid. This may be true because obviously if you have a lot of visitors, ac is making money off of you and are willing to pay you more. I think I am doing very well with making money off of my articles and only have a clout of 1. I would rather spend my time writing articles then advertising my articles and posting on the boards to get a higher clout. I would just drive myself crazy that way.

Special Offers: Every once in a while, an AC editor will send out a message offering a writing promotion. All you have to do is send in the articles they want and if they get accepted, you will usually be paid a set amount of money. I wrote gift ideas last month for a special offer and received $10 for each article. So, it is worth it.

I hope you find these six steps helpful. They are actually really easy to do. Even though through changing your title and adding keywords, you may feel like you are “selling out” your writing. Just realize that sometimes for money, you have to pull back a little bit of creativity and push business.

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