Spring cleaning time

We know that a neat space increases productivity and creativity. And now as we welcome the spring time, we also embrace the perfect time to clean.

The number one in the list will always be the working area—either at the comforts of their own houses or in offices. Cleaning the desk, just like in other parts of the home, is an important factor in giving great work results.

But cleaning the workspace does not mean you have to shell out a buck or two. There are fun and creative ways to clean the desk without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the DIY products you can try (and even share to your friends) as you organize your working area.

  1. Cleaning Spray


Don’t you hate it when your computer or laptop screen has this annoying dust? Or when there are tidbits stuck in your keyboards? What you need is cleaner to remove the dust, and stains in your computer and other gadgets like smartphone and tablets. You can actually make your own cleaning spray. You just need to mix rubbing alcohol and distilled water and place it in a misting spray bottle. Do not forget to put on the label.


  1. Desk Organizer


We know you love seeing your desk clutter-free. To achieve this, you can either make bookshelves from old boxes or compile your papers in one spot through using a DIY paper weight. Aside from that, you can also use old toilet paper rolls as your pen holders. You just need to be creative! This is also the place to write whatever you wanna write—whether it is a best man speech for your friend or whatnot.


  1. Cord and cable organizers


Are tired of having to constantly arrange your messy cords and cables every time you use them? Having many cords with different function can make you desk disorganized. Grab an old box and make compartments of different sizes. This will make it easier for you to locate your cell phone chargers, connectors, and even USBs in just one look.

What’s the best thing about these DIY projects is that you can share it with your friends. You can even hold your own workshops for people who are also interested in making these.

We know you want to try out these DIY products! Share the information with your friends and hold workshops in the places near you.

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